Samsung Galaxy Edge S6

I was looking for a digital camera that is 16mp or better with f1.9 or f2.2.  Digital cameras that come close to these specs run about $500 to $700.  I would like rear facing 16mp camera but won’t pay more than $300 for one.  Since I can’t find a digital camera that I like, I started looking at the cell phones.  I don’t want it for the cell phone part… just the camera and maybe some of the other options.  Things I want it to do….

  • Take a 16mp picture
  • Upload it to a cloud… like Google Drive or One Drive.
  • Wireless charging
  • Learn Android

I have my eye on a Galaxy Edge S6.  It’s 16mp.  Models S7, S8 are 16mp as well.  So s6 would be fine.   Current Galaxy Edge are up to S9 now but front and rear cameras are 12mp.


The metal plate is for the magnet that will keep the unit in place while it takes the picture.  The articulating arm with an ACCO clip behaves like a tripod.

Spot 8 Clear case will hold the metal plate in instead of having to adhere the plate to the phone.  I like the case.  Hardly any fingerprints to the front.  Nice protective casing.

The Ultimus QI charger works nicely but there were a few issues.

SIM Card needed so I can turn on phone calling using wireless network.   Not that I would need to call anyone using this phone.  I just like the freedom of being able to.

PREMIUM Micro to USB Cables

I connected the QI charger to a micro to USB cable that is connected to an extender. The phone keept saying “Wireless Charging Paused”. The solution was to disconnect it from the extension cable and connected the cable (1 ft.) directly to the power adapter.

It stopped displaying the “pause” message and started to charge normally.   Only thing is… now the cable is too short. Need at least a 3 or 6 ft.

This one is a package of 6. I have to buy all of them even if I need just one 3 ft or one 6 ft.

Sabrent Cables – Ordered an Ultimus QI Wireless Charging Dock for a Samsung Galaxy Elite S6.

Resolution Article for future reference on the “pause” message.



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